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3rd Monday Event

Legal Protection of Software and Databases by Jennifer Pierce

Date: Monday, 19th February 2007
Time: 19:00 (tea & coffee available from 18:30)
Location: Novotel, Bostock Lane, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4EP (map)
Price: Free! (non-members welcome)
Status: Went Ahead

Download this Presentation

Many thanks to everyone who attended this event, and to Jennifer Pierce for providing the presentation for us. A copy of the presentation is available. To download a copy click here.

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Most people working in the IT industries have a vague idea of the protection available for software and databases and most have seen software licences. It is a complex area where the legal position is constantly shifting, but it is crucial to have a basic undestanding and to recognise the legal issues when they arise as they can have a critical impact on IT-based businesses. Jenny will describe the various forms of protection: copyright, confidential information, patents and database rights as they apply to software and databases. She will then describe the ways in which these rights may be used to advantage in a licensing context.

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About the Presenter

Jenny Pierce is a partner in the firm of Charles Russell, where she practices IT and intellectual property law, acting for software suppliers and customers in a wide variety of contexts. She is a contributor to "A Manager's Guide to IT Law", the co-editor and a major contributor to "Working with Technology: Law and Practice" and a contributor to "The Trade Marks Handbook" of the Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys and the Institute of Trade Mark Attorneys

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