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3rd Monday Event

Health Informatics Strategies for the Management of Specialist Services by Rob Hollingsworth

Date: Monday, 19th March 2012
Time: 19:00 (tea & coffee available from 18:30)
Location: Novotel, Bostock Lane, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4EP (map)
Price: Free! (non-members welcome)
Status: Went Ahead


Management of specialist services nationally is a highly complex activity often requiring multiple integrated IT systems to manage the needs of all stakeholders. To ensure success, the input and collaboration of agencies and stakeholders is vital, with systems tailored to the needs of each stakeholder.

This talk uses the award winning haemophilia informatics strategy to illustrate the approach of developing a health informatics strategy for specialist services. Haemophilia is a life-long disorder where treatment with replacement blood products is required. With advances in treatment patients are able to treat themselves outside of hospital with products delivered directly to the patients homes. Treatment is expensive with product alone costing 180+ million per annum, rising around 6% per year.

Four integrated IT systems have been developed to deliver the strategy; ; 'Haemtrack' a national patient home treatment record; 'HCIS' a Trust-based centre management system; 'NHD' a national registry; 'UKHIS' a national reporting portal. These have enabled the delivery of a many benefits including safer and more effective treatment, cost saving through national procurement, benchmarking of providers, direct patient reported outcome measures, and management of public health risks e.g. vCJD.

The strategy is renowned throughout the world as is being implemented internationally.

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About the Presenter

Dr Rob Hollingsworth has over twenty years experience of delivering large-scale national and international healthcare projects. His career began at Manchester University with the development of a European Intensive Care Expert system. He then developed and managed the IT for an International Clinical Trial in twenty-nine countries worldwide, the largest of its kind ever. Following this he was responsible for the development of a national IT strategy for the management of the UK Haemophilia Service. This project was an award winner for Excellence in Major Healthcare Development at the E-Health Insider Awards and a medal winner at the UK IT Industry Awards for UK Public Sector Project of the Year. More recently he has been responsible for the development of the national Ig database (itself a finalist for the Excellence In Major Healthcare IT Development award) and National Haemoglobinopathy Registry databases.

His work internationally is increasingly expanding having just successfully completed a three year European project for adverse surveillance for Haemophilia which is now being piloted across Canada and Australia with plans also to launch in South Africa.

His qualifications include an MSc and PhD in Health Informatics and his professional registrations include Chartered Information Technology Professional (CITP), Chartered Software Engineer (CEng), Member of the British Computer Society (MBCS) and Level 3 (highest) Health Informatics Professional status with the UK Council for Health Informatics Professionals. He also sits on the Health Informatics Committee of the British Computer Society which seems him attending and organising leading healthcare events.

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