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Young Professionals' Group

If you are a BCS member who is under the age of 35 then you are also a member of the BCS Young Professionals' Group (YPG), which exists to provide representation, services and a support network for IT professionals at the start of their careers.

In the past, the Nottingham & Derby YPG reps have organised ProNetworking events to assist new members of the BCS in learning to build and use their professional networking skills and contacts.

At present, there are no specific activities organised for the YPG. If you would like to get more involved, have questions, or have ideas for YPG events and activities, please get in touch with one of the committee.

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About your YPG Rep

Clinton Walker is an IT Security Analyst with Experian. He says, "Working hands-on in the IT industry has helped a lot, both with my professional development and also on a personal level. The YPG is the group to be part of simply because of the practical exposure and varying perspectives on real-world experience that it offers."

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