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3rd Monday Event

How To Accelerate Your Technology Career - Maximise Your Potential and have Fun by Richard Simpson & Neil McGowan

Date: Monday, 19th March 2018
Time: 19:00 (tea & coffee available from 18:30)
Location: Novotel, Bostock Lane, Long Eaton, Nottingham, NG10 4EP (map)
Price: Free! (non-members welcome)
Status: Went Ahead

Download this Presentation

Many thanks to everyone who attended this event, and to Richard Simpson & Neil McGowan for providing the presentation for us. A copy of the presentation is available. To download a copy click here.

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Part 1: Making the Transition from University to the Workplace in IT

The transition from the university life to the working life can be very daunting and challenging for some people, especially in certain industries such as IT. Richard Simpson's experience has shown that IT seems to have a growing rate of anxiety amongst its younger staff and that often stems from individuals not being used to, or favourable towards interacting with others and the different types of personality they may face.

He's found the following topics have helped employers/managers to gain a better understanding of their teams and also helped individuals to gain a better understanding of themselves:

  • Understanding the main differences between the working and studying life.

  • Anxiety - what can cause it and how you can better manage it.

  • Improving communication and teamwork skills.

  • Improving confidence levels (and learning that it's okay to ask for help in your first role).

  • Understanding what employers may expect in order for you to earn a promotion or pay rise.

Part 2: What you need to become the CIO/CTO/CDO

Neil, who has spent the last 15 years as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for multiple FTSE and PE/VC funded businesses, such as N Brown, Littlewoods/Shop Direct, United Utilities, Maplin Electronica and the Ministry of Justice. He is an expert in Information & Digital Technology who has spent many years coaching technology professionals to maximise their personal potential and create enjoyable, fulfilling careers.

Business technology is currently focused on Digital, the latest of a constant stream of transformational technologies that IT professionals need to embrace. Using this as an example, Neil will discuss how technology leaders adopt new technology, deliver innovation and business value while growing their personal capability and career in a fast moving world. Specifically:

  • How do you develop a career in this increasingly complex and diverse industry?

  • What skills are fundamental and transferable across technology waves?

  • What role suits you and will provide maximum job satisfaction?

  • What does a CIO/CTO/CDO do? Is this the role for you?

  • What should you work on to progress to the next level of leadership?

  • How do you build your experience and develop the skills required to operate at a more senior level?

Hopefully everybody will be able to take something useful from this session to help accelerate their career.

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About the Presenter

Richard Simpson

Richard is an expert in Graduates and the Millennial generation. He helps organisations to retain, support and develop their younger generational employees and helps the individuals to get the best out of themselves. He has experience of Graduate management in multiple large companies across Europe such as Accenture, Amazon, Heineken and De La Rue.

Richard is currently working with two IT companies and their Graduates and has found particular interest from this field in his type of work. Especially helping the Graduates with their transition from the secluded, studying lifestyle, to working in a noisier, busier office setting.

Neil McGowan

Neil is an expert in Information & Digital Technology, who has spent the last 15 years as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for many FTSE and PE/VC funded businesses. He has a broad understanding of how technology brings value to business through his work with several Digital and High street Retailers, Utility companies, Financial Service, Automotive and Government organisations. These include N Brown, Maplin electronics, Littlewoods/Shop Direct, United Utilities, Volkswagen/Audi and the Ministry of Justice. Neil is currently using his experience to enable a number of smaller organisations to adopt digital capability experience technology capability traditionally reserved for larger organisations.

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