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The BCS Nottingham & Derby Branch serves over 1,000 BCS members in the Nottingham and Derby area and beyond. Our aim is Making IT Good for Society by delivering informative and engaging IT related events for everyone in the East Midlands. For details of our planned activities this year, please see the calendar page.

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The branch is run for the benefit of its members and we greatly value feedback. You can either attend a Committee meeting, email us, or send us feedback.

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Monday 21st October - Novotel, Long Eaton!

News added on 17th September 2019

Dalim Basu, an IT professional with expertise in IT Governance and Risk Management is presenting:

What About You?

  • Our Cyber-Cultural revolution is here.
  • It is bringing many changes to our lives.
  • How does it affect you and those around you?
  • How can you lead - or follow - this revolution?
  • Where do you want to be afterwards?

  • Monday 16th September - Novotel, Long Eaton!

    News added on 16th July 2019

    Block Chain Today!

    Matt Lucas is a technologist with over 20 years of industry experience, currently working at IBM in the global blockchain team.

    He is an advisor for the British Blockchain Association, an associate tutor at the University of Oxford and considered a world-wide expert on distributed ledger technologies for businesses, advising on blockchain solution.

    Are you curious about Blockchain and what it can do?

    Matt will be providing an overview of Blockchain for business applications, why it is so important, where it is being used and how IT professionals can get started and grow their blockchain skills.

    Monday 15th July - Novotel, Long Eaton

    News added on 17th June 2019

    How To Be A Success In Data Science: The Key Skills To Make A Difference

    Data Science covers a wide range of subjects from including data collection, analysis and modelling. What makes a valuable data scientist stand out in today's business environment is not a straightforward answer and requires a range of skills and experience.

    Hugh Cox is recognized as one of the UK's leading data experts by Information Age, Hugh co-founded Rosslyn Data Technologies PLC. Hugh helps executives at public and private sector organizations tackle business issues through technologies including cloud computing, data management and analytics.

    Hugh has authored and spoken extensively on the subject of data analysis with particular focus on fraud prevention and detection, through the deployment of cloud-based analytics platforms.

    His presentation will be of interest to those who are already working within data science as well as those interested in maximising their potential to enter this interesting, expanding and lucrative profession. The demand for data scientists to make sense of and derive benefit from the increasing volume of data now available has never been higher.

    The All-Encrypted Network and the Cyber Threat

    News added on 29th May 2019

    With the ever-increasing cyber threat we have moved towards all-encrypted IP networks in order to secure our information and to allow information with different sensitivities to share the same infrastructure. This is a powerful approach, but within it there are dangers to avoid, associated with traffic analysis and machine learning, as well as threats to some of our most useful tools such as deep packet inspection and WAN acceleration.

    Professor Brian Turton ( has worked in the area of secure communications for over 15 years with what is now Airbus Defence and Space Limited and his presentation will look at the issues, and for many the surprising results, that are now arising with an all-encrypted approach as the publicly published research starts to highlight the art of the possible.

    Enterprise Architecture Modelling interfacing CMDB

    News added on 16th April 2019

    Presented by Karen Dawson, Enterprise Architect for a large utility company, has been involved in implementing 2 different Enterprise Asset Management systems, each interfacing to a CMDB.

    Karen will be sharing her experiences of both EA modelling and CMDB interfaces, including some of the mistakes made as part of this process and sharing where they are now.

    Understand IT Strategy with Wardley Maps

    News added on 19th March 2019

    Presented by Nigel Haber of University of Nottingham. Michael is an Information Model Developer.

    This talk will be using Wardley Maps to show examples of how strategy can be understood visually, particularly in IT and software. There will be an opportunity to try this out using the Wardley Mapping Canvas.

    18th March 2019 - Interactive Session Conceptual UI with Balsamic

    News added on 24th February 2019

    Presented by Nigel King of Nottingham Trent University, Chief Strategy Officer for SafePaaS

    The session follows on from our January presentation "Rapid Prototyping of Conceptual UIs using Balsamic", with a DIFFERENCE. The Difference is that it will be held at Lecture Theatre 2, Teaching and Learning Building at Nottingham Trent University, Clifton Campus, designed to facilitate the interactive and practical nature of this session.

    Balsamic is a UI concept development tool whose intention is to allow you to throw away bad ideas quickly, without becoming emotionally invested in an early UI concept. It has enough in the way of widgets for standard UI conventions, that it does not allow the designer to be completely "Off reservation" but allows freedom of pallet and canvas to sketch ideas and rapidly iterate and explore corners of the design.

    The presentation will show an example or two, of application concepts, that went from unhappy customer feedback to product proposition within a few hours, driving down that cost to first prototype, compressing the time to first feedback, discovering gaps and designing demo flow and demo data ahead of writing the code and without holding it up. The presenter has found the tool to be very useful in these objectives and is willing to share his learning and discoveries. The audience will be polled for application ideas and begin to develop a prototype together as a group.

    IAM what IAM : Monday 18th February

    News added on 24th January 2019

    Presented by Paul Stevens an Enterprise Architect in the CIO office of a large international utility company.

    Identity and Access Management (IAM) is viewed by many large companies as the new security perimeter as companies tear down traditional data centre facilities and embrace multiple cloud hosted services. But what does this mean?

    The presentation will discuss IAM and what makes it a powerful branch of IT that will enable the next generation of IT services, including the 'Internet of Things' (IoT).

    We will also discuss a practical example of how a large company is embracing an IAM model to drive future IT provision.

    Rapid Prototyping of Conceptual UI Using Balsamiq!

    News added on 19th December 2018

    Presented by Nigel King of Nottingham Trent University, Chief Strategy Officer for SafePaaS

    The presentation will show an example or two, of application concepts, that went from unhappy customer feedback to product proposition within a few hours.

    The presenter has found the tool to be very useful in these objectives and is willing to share his learning and discoveries.

    Also, the audience will be polled for application ideas and a prototype begun to be developed, together as a group.