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Past Events

This page contains links to details of past BCS Nottingham & Derby Branch events for the following years:

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2006 2005 2004 2003 2002 2001
Date Event
16th November  YPG: Nottingham ProNetworking 2006
16th October  Winter School 2006: "Critical Chain Project Management
and "IT Service Excellence - Redefining the Boundaries"
9th October  Winter School 2006: "Emerging Skills, Aptitudes and Expectations of Project Managers"
and "Future Trends in IT Programme Management"
2nd October  Winter School 2006: "Introducing Agile into Waterfall Organisations"
and "ISO 20000 and ITIL"
15th May  Branch AGM
22nd April  Branch Annual Dinner
17th October  Winter School 2005: "Future-Proofing Your Career"
10th October  Winter School 2005: "Offshoring and the UK's IT Profession"
3rd October  Winter School 2005: "Outsourcing and Security"
16th May  Branch AGM
16th April  Branch Annual Dinner
18th October  Winter School 2004: "Cyberworld Security – What Price Must We Pay?"
11th October  Winter School 2004: "Lighting Up the Dark Side of the Web"
4th October  Winter School 2004: "Security – Who is in charge?"
17th May  Branch AGM
17th April  Branch Annual Dinner
20th October  Winter School 2003: "Moving Towards Open Source"
13th October  Winter School 2003: "Open Source – The Provider's Perspective"
6th October  Winter School 2003: "The Open Source Revolution"
19th May  Branch AGM
12th April  Branch Annual Dinner
18th November  Winter School 2002: ".Net: This is the Future"
11th November  Winter School 2002: "Visual Modelling with XDE"
4th November  Winter School 2002: "Investigating .Net: how is Microsoft replacing COM and Win32"
20th May  Branch AGM
20th April  Branch Annual Dinner
15th October  Winter School 2001: "XML: Implementation Issues and Technologies"
8th October  Winter School 2001: "Developing with XML"
1st October  Winter School 2001: "Just what is XML and how did it happen?"
12th June  Skittles Evening
21st May  Branch AGM
7th April  Branch Annual Dinner