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Welcome to the BCS Nottingham & Derby Branch Website

The BCS Nottingham & Derby Branch serves over 1,000 BCS members in the Nottingham and Derby area and beyond. Our aim is Making IT Good for Society by delivering informative and engaging IT related events for everyone in the East Midlands. For details of our planned activities this year, please see the calendar page.

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The branch is run for the benefit of its members and we greatly value feedback. You can either attend a Committee meeting, email us, or send us feedback.

Latest News

Mon 12th March 2018 On-Line Committee Meeting

News added on 20th February 2018

Mon 19th March 2018:How To Accelerate Your Technology Career

News added on 20th February 2018


We welcome both Richard Simpson and Neil McGowan. Their presentation will be delivered in two parts.

Part 1: Making the Transition from University to the Workplace in IT by Richard, an expert in Graduates and the Millennial generation. He has experience of Graduate management in multiple large companies across Europe such as Accenture, Amazon, Heineken and De La Rue. Richard has helped individuals to successfully complete the transition from university life to working life and helped employers and managers to retain, support and develop their younger generational employees, attaining a better understanding of their team and to improve performance.

Part 2: What skills do you need to become a CIO/CTO/CDO? by Neil, who has spent the last 15 years as the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for multiple FTSE and PE/VC funded businesses, such as N Brown, Littlewoods/Shop Direct, United Utilities, Maplin Electronica and the Ministry of Justice. He is an expert in Information & Digital Technology who has spent many years coaching technology professionals to maximise their personal potential and create enjoyable, fulfilling careers. Business technology is currently focused on Digital, the latest of a constant stream of transformational technologies that IT professionals need to embrace. Using this as an example, Neil will discuss how technology leaders adopt new technology, deliver innovation and business value while growing their personal capability and career in a fast moving world.

Mon 19th February 2018:Demystifying DevOps

News added on 17th January 2018

We welcome Ste Nadin (@SteNadinFJ), Chief Architect for FUJITSU's Business and Application Services Division in the EMEIA (Europe, Middle East, India and Africa).Ste has over 20 years of experience designing and delivering enterprise class solutions for some of the largest UK government departments and private business.

His current role is the custodian of the Fujitsu technical strategy ensuring it is aligned to business challenges and is responsible for evaluating new technology and trends in the market and ensuring capability is built where required.

So DevOps. It's the 'IN' thing. You may have heard that everyone needs to be doing it to stay competitive. But what is it?

Ste will aim to explain in a simple manner what is meant by DevOps in all of its aspects, how elements of it can be adopted into standard business process and what it will mean for the culture of the work place.

Ste will explore some of the issues that are usually faced along the journey from having to change how people work, introduction of tools and the commercial implications.

Mon 15th January 2018: Globalisation Awareness

News added on 28th December 2017

We welcome Gary Lefman, Chartered Engineer and BCS Fellow, who works for CISCO as the Internationalisation Architect. Gary's work is about the development of truly global products. His job is to make sure Cisco's new software and firmware can be used by people wherever they are in the world, regardless of language or culture.

The world is becoming ever more connected. What was once global is now local and it's happening much faster than we have ever experienced before. So, we must accelerate our thinking about how people use software, no matter what language they read and speak, script they write, or what culture they relate with.

11th December 2018: Nottingham and Derby Branch Committee

News added on 11th December 2017

All BCS Members Welcome!
Food and first round of drinks will be provided!
Election of Committee Officers - NOW is the Time to Get More Involved

20/11/17:Robots&AI-The Calm before the singularity

News added on 18th October 2017

On Monday 20th November we welcome Martin Hamilton from JISC (Janet Network) to speak about the state of the art in Robots and AI and what kind of future we may possibly face/live in.

Tuesday 17th October 2017: Brexit is Coming: 19.00hrs

News added on 17th September 2017

What does BREXIT mean for you? Come to this event to learn more!

On Tuesday 17th October we welcome Dalim Basu, Director of DSL IT Risk Management Consultancy, who will present on how you can benefit from Brexit and help make IT good for society.

Tuesday 17th October 2017-Annual General Meeting : 18.30-19.00

News added on 30th August 2017

Venue: Novotel, Long Eaton, Derbys NG10 4EP. The AGM will coincide with the 3rd Monday meeting in October. Statutory elections for the roles of branch Chair and Treasurer will be held. An election is no longer required for Secretary.For further details contact the Secretary

Monday 18/09/17:Cyber-security: Ransomware, Prevention&Cure

News added on 30th August 2017

On Monday 18th September we welcome both Robert Pugh, a Police Officer seconded to the East Midlands Special Operations Unit team that investigate Cyber Dependant crime within the East Midlands Region, and Bridget Kenyon, Head of Information Security at the Information Services Division, University College London.

Rob will present: Cyber crime "Who do you Call?" - The reporting of Cyber Crime; The Policing landscape for the investigation of cyber crime with the region and the police response, covering Extortion, Ransomware and other common threats and what to expect from the Police.

Bridget will present 'Ransomware ahoy! All hands to the pumps!" which will cover; Ransomware prevention, detection, clean-up and lessons learned. How do you prevent your organisation- or your own PC- being infected by malicious material? How can you tell when it's gone wrong? What next, and how can you learn from the experience? Bridget will draw on her experiences at UCL and other organisations, and she will explain the theory, how real life doesn't follow that simple pattern, and what you can do about it.

Monday 24th July-Unconscious Bias&How to Retain WiT

News added on 26th May 2017

Gillian Arnold, MD of Tectre, BoD for BCS and WISE, Ex Chair of BCSWomen & now Chairs the European Taskforce for Women in IT for CEPIS, will be presenting Unconcious Bias and how it impacts on our recruitment decisions which we may not even be aware of. Gillian will also speak about how to attract and retain Women in IT and make the most of the benefits that diverse teams can bring. See '2017 Calendar' for More Information.

Monday 19th June - Why the GDPR is a 3-variable equation

News added on 17th May 2017

Chiara Rustici, Business leader and Advisor with over 20 years experience will be presenting why the decisions required by a business to comply with new GDPR are not straightforward. See '2017 Calendar' for More Information.