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The BCS Nottingham & Derby Branch serves over 1,000 BCS members in the Nottingham and Derby area and beyond. Our aim is to provide both professional and social activities throughout the year. For details of our planned activities this year, please see the calendar page.

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The branch is run for the benefit of its members and we greatly value feedback. You can either attend a Committee meeting, email us, or send us feedback.

Latest News

External Event: Cyber Security for Business

News added on 13th January 2015

External Event: Cyber Security for Business organised by the Institute of Information Security Professionals (IISP) East Midlands branch and the East Midlands Chambers of Commerce in Nottingham. The event is free to attend and takes place between 6pm and 8.30pm on Wednesday 28th January. It will focus on the Government's new cyber security standard, Cyber Essentials. More information and booking is available via the Chambers' eBusiness website.

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January & March events are now on our 2015 Calendar

News added on 13th November 2014

A Committee Meeting [open to all] will follow the presentations.

October Event: Cloud IaaS

News added on 1st September 2014

Steve Nice has recently given a presentation at the BCS HQ to the Internet and Opensource SG's on a Cloud IaaS called OpenStack - ( You have another chance to see this at our branch on 20th October at the Novotel [off jn 25 M1] starting 19:00.

A Committee Meeting [open to all] will follow the presentation.

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September Event:

News added on 18th August 2014

AGM followed by 'Using Agile in non-Agile organisations' by Jose Casal-Gimenez & David Daly

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July Event: Content for websites by Christine Cawthorne

News added on 8th July 2014

'User Needs' - The talk is about how 'user needs' affect both your website and your business. What are user needs? How do you capture them and what do you do with this information? Taking a look at how the government has transformed its website by putting the user first, Christine will look at how you can apply the same principles to your website.

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May Event: Cybercrime by John Walker

News added on 19th May 2014

Over the last decade Cyber-Crime has evolved, out of what was a childish and miscreant act's, be they developing viruses for sake of notoriety [e.g. Cascade and Casino [with a demonstration of these virus running in real time]; or engagement in Hacking into computers, or telephony systems [e.g. Captain Crunch and his 2600 Whistle] - and all this with a view of becoming infamous amongst the equals of the Cyber-Underworld - but things have changed. In this year of 2013, we are now at a level of Cyber-Exposure that has been aligned to the threat posed by Kinetic Weapons. We exist in an interconnected, IT dependent landscape in which, not only are the businesses exposed to the attention of attackers, but also we live in a world in which, if you own, or access a computer, smart device, watch a Smart TV, or are lucky enough to have a car with all those gizmos on board, then, by inference, you are a potential target. From CyberWar, to Denial-of-Service [DoS], from Anonymous, to Serious-&-Organised Crime, and from the distribution of abusive images, to Cyber Extortion, we will take a helicopter view of the landscape of threat, and decide if it is real, or if it is mainly the product of hype.

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